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Running for a reason
October 28, 2010, 1:09 pm
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I’m running in the silent darkness that only 6am can bring.

As Tinie Tempah sings of passing out through my ear phones, my legs wind up and flick the surface of the pavement. I cut through the zombies that are dragging themselves through the streets to work and pick up pace. All the problems that have dug their teeth into my skin try to hang on, but one by one they break off and are left in the ground screaming in my wake. My heart races to keep up with me, but I’m intent on out running it.

The last two months of pounding pavements, blood blisters and the odd Paula Radcliffe moment (in Costa Coffee rather then on the side of the street) are now returning dividends.

I know you’re probably thinking ‘what the hell is he talking about?’. Well for some crazy reason I have decided to run the London Marathon for The Who Cares Trust and everybody they support out there. But just as much as I am running for the charity, I am also running for myself.

I have always been a great starter, quick out the blocks, but my starts far outweigh my finishes. I could get all analytical and talk about all the moves I made as a kid jumping from place to place and the effect that has had on me later in life. I could talk about the difficulty in laying down deep roots with the people I care about and many other things. I could talk about the fear of failure forcing me to end things before I give them a chance. But I won’t. I am just going to keep running and see where I end up.

Today was my first early morning run and you might think I’m mad doing for this, but the light coming through in the distance is slowly pushing the darkness back. It’s a beautiful thing to witness… even in running tights!

If you would like to support the ‘Who Cares Trust’ and all the young people they support, please please sponsor me at: www.justgiving.com/jnicholson. I hate to ask because I know what it’s like getting sponsorship requests, but anything you can contribute would make a massive difference.

More training updates to follow!


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There’s something about running, isn’t there? It’s so satisfying, so enabling and confidence giving. You get the endorphin hit and the immense boost of doing something well without needing the hand/eye coordination of so many other sports. and with long distance running, you’re racing with and for yoursef rather than measuring yourself against other people. if we could get everyone who struggles with self esteem and self worth out running – just think what it would achieve! I’ll be sponsoring you – and i may just join you too. just done my first haf marathon so i need to recoup and see how i recover first but i’d love to follow your example, since you’ve become a hero of mine. well done, J!


Comment by suzie hayman

Excellent, articulate, insightful, well done!


Comment by Elad

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